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Emergency Locksmith
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Here at Locksmith Tacoma, we understand how suddenly being unable to access your property may put you in an uncomfortable emergency locksmith situation, derailing your whole day. So we’ve made sure that we unlock the door for you damage-free in the record time possible. Our emergency services cover all your most urgent needs including house, car lockouts, safe and garage door lockouts, even scheduled locks and keys maintenance for your properties. Rest assured the best locksmith solutions are just a phone call away (253) 201-2891 regardless of your location in Tacoma WA.

At Locksmith Tacoma, we are always waiting on standby 24 hours a day to assist you with your emergency locksmith locks and keys needs. We provide mobile locksmiths in Tacoma, Washington and will be there to rescue you from emergencies like office, car, or house lockouts if you lost your keys or car door stuck. We are a reliable locksmith company, all outfitted with every modern tool possibly needed for every kind of emergency. If you want a high-quality mobile locksmith service with customer service that’s second to none, look no further.

Our locksmith emergency professionals are available 7 days a week, anytime of the day or night for your convenience and are skilled with all types of locksmith services.
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Our Emergency Locksmith Services:

House Lockout Call Us

House Lockout

Getting locked out of your house can be scary. But with us by your side, you'll have access back in no time. Be it the middle of the night or at noon, we'll come to you and have you safely back in. If you lost your keys or locked your key inside your home, our lockout service assistance will be right there to get the problem fixed in record time. We know how to reach you inside quickly and effectively. Call us today!
Office Lockout Call Us

Office Lockout

We understand the importance of time for every business, especially when unexpected office lockout happens. We make sure such locksmith problems are dealt with without interfering with your work environment. When you need to get back into your commercial space, count on us. Dial our number any given time of 24 hours. We can get your workday back on track! Call us today!
Car Lockout Call Us

Car Lockout

Car lockouts that require emergency service assistance can happen for various reasons, including lost or stolen keys and door lock issues, and occur at the most inconvenient times. Our fully mobile lockout service is always ready to assist you. Whether you got locked out of your car at home, at work, or in the middle of the road - we'll come to you and have it fixed ASAP. Call us today!
Safe Lockout Call Us

Safe Lockout

You may find yourself locked out of your safe just when you need urgent access to its content. At the same time, safe locks can often be more complicated than other locks around your house, especially with most safes’ security these days. Locksmith Tacoma team has the experience and the tools to open it up safely, damage-free in the most accurate way.

Lock Replacement Call Us

Lock Replacement

When a lock breaks, it can cause the door not to close properly or be unable to be locked, which in turn causes your property to be vulnerable to invasion. If your lock seems stuck, loose, or is otherwise not working properly - count on us! As local locksmith technicians we are trained on the most up-to-date techniques and procedures to ensure you have what you need.
Lock Rekey Call Us

Lock Rekey

If you’ve just moved into a new space, you will need our lock rekeying assistance. We can help you re-key all the locks in properties. That way, all your business locks will be unlocked with only one single key at an affordable price.

Lock Change Call Us

Lock Change

If you’ve had a break-in or robbery, the first thing you’ll need to do right away changes your locks. Let Locksmith Tacoma handle that for you. We provide all kinds of lock and key hardware to suit your home, car, or commercial space on short notice, such as an emergency locksmith.
Master Rekey Call Us

Master Rekey

Rekeying locks is the process of repurposing a pre-existing key to fit the needs of a new lock. We can cut a single key that matches and opens various locks. That way  Master Key systems access separate rooms/areas of an office, business, or building.
Lock Installation Call Us

Lock Installation

The type of lock determines the safety and functionality of your home entry. The best locks are not only the safest but also those that are the easiest to use. There are several different locks for your front that we can help you select and install in your home. Locksmith Tacoma handles the door lock installation of a large variety of locks for your house, commercial spaces, and vehicle.
Broken Key Extraction Call Us

Broken Key Extraction

Have you accidentally broken a key and been concerned that you'll have to replace the complete locking system? Since we provide expert broken key extraction services, we will extract the broken key using advanced technology and expert technical expertise, saving you the lock replacement cost.

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