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How Does A Locksmith Make A Key?

How Does A Locksmith Make A Key?

We all know keys can be misplaced, damaged, lost, or stolen, yet they are essential for daily life and when lost, to make a key should be left to experts, like locksmiths. They can help reduce your stress and prevent damage to your property by creating new keys for any type of locking mechanism. Only contact locksmiths who know what they’re doing are trained and stay updated with the latest locksmith methods and advanced tools.

Locked out? Lost your keys? Car remote won’t work? The best option is to have a spare key stored for emergency circumstances. It’s not only wise but also crucial in those situations. What if there is no extra key? Can a locksmith make a key but without the original? Can a locksmith make a key from a lock?

Customers frequently reach for a locksmith when they need key duplication or a spare key to share a home or car key with a family member. Or when they want to be careful and have extra sets in emergencies. If you have the original key, duplicating a lock is simple. When the original key is lost, broken, or worn out, you’ll need a locksmith to produce a new one. In most situations, a locksmith will make a key from a lock, even when there isn’t one to copy. Whether you lost one, the old car doesn’t have a spare set, or you simply want modern, smart keys to replace standard ones. A locksmith can use two main methods to make a key from the lock.

1. Cut The New Key To Code 

If the lock can be disassembled, a locksmith can decipher the key’s code and make a duplicate. Key codes are letters and numbers manually entered into the software to process inputs or entered into the program to determine the lock’s specifications. Understanding the pins that make up the lock’s code is the first step towards cracking the code. The lengths of the pins within the lock vary, and the order in which they are arranged distinguishes the codes of locks. A key can be created to match the type of pins and their order after the lock is disassembled.

2. Making The Lock Impression

For making keys, it is common to take an impression of the lock. Lock impression is more direct than cracking its code, as it does not require the lock to be dismantled. A locksmith can produce a key without decoding the lock cylinder using a lock imprint. This can be a quick and efficient approach to make a new key for a competent locksmith. A blank key is inserted and rotated in the lock. The pins will pierce the key, leaving marks where cuts will be required. To insert key blank into the cutter properly, as well as the use of the correct code cutter blade, are important parts of the lock imprisoning process. To pull this off, you’ll need a qualified locksmith with the necessary tools to pull this off.

3. Scoping The Lock To Make A New Key

Today most cars are partially or totally electronic. When remote car keys are locked inside a vehicle, a locksmith can utilize a process known as ‘scoping’ to create a new key and unlock the car, saving you the expense and time of having a new transponder key created. What involves scoping? Scoping includes using a small, specialized scope that the locksmith inserts into the lock to produce any form of a key. They inspect the locking cylinders and make a new key to match the specific properties of that exact lock in a way that is completely damage-free.

Can Locksmiths Make Keys Without The Original?

Experienced locksmiths can make a key without having the original on hand. Locksmiths have specialized tools and equipment that allow them to create an exact copy of your old key, and they use different methods – more than one, actually. The same techniques are implemented in making a key from a lock case: cutting keys from a code, scoping the lock cylinders, and Impressioning a key. Each method has advantages and disadvantages; a Professional locksmith will know which way suits your car needs and give the best result.


Can A Locksmith Make A New Car Key Without The Original?

Yes, locksmiths today have the right tools and contemporary technology to reprogram and cut precisely the one your lost car key or broken for your vehicle.  But first, Check what type of automobile key you lost because each has its own set of factors. Because not all keys are universal, if you lose your car key and don’t have a spare, you’ll need to remember what kind of key you had so you can get the right one.

Make sure to provide the following identifications to the locksmith:

  • Vehicle year, make, and model.
  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Personal identification
  • Your current location

All this information is needed to ensure that you are the car owner. Wonder what would happen if locksmiths failed to confirm that you were the vehicle’s owner. Anyone can call a locksmith to access almost any car they want. To avoid fraud, we make sure and be extra careful with given information. 

Need To Cut Keys? Call Locksmith Tacoma!

When you need to make keys for any type of lock, let our professional Locksmith Tacoma experts handle them. We are professional lock and key experts who can copy any type of key for your house, business, and vehicle, and make a key from scratch. We carry a variety of keys in style and durability right in hand on site.

Whether you need emergency or scheduled assistance with your property keys, we strongly advise you not to try to open the door (even in a lockout case) or to manipulate the lock. That DIY method only damages the lock mechanism, and the chance is higher key breaking off in it instantly. Also, avoid contacting rogue companies who will likely leave your property with a questionable security standard and fleece you of your money. Don’t waste your time visiting the hardware store either. Dial our number. 


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